Is it Time to Upgrade Your Friends?

They say that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If that’s the case, then I’m in a good place, ‘cause 5 of the most generous, kind, enterprising people I know happen to live in my home.

When it comes to my relationships outside of the home, however, I’m not where I want to be. Although I’ve got some dear friends that mean the world to me (and I wouldn’t trade those relationships for anything), I’ve not always approached my relationships very strategically; I’ve kind of “drifted” into whatever relationships happened to come easily to me.

But the problem with these “easy” relationships is that they hardly ever help me become the person I want to be in the future.

At least for me, easy is lazy.

I’m not challenged and I pretty much stay the same person. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be the same person next year, or even next month.

So, about 6 months ago Steph and I decided to be more intentional about our relationships. If we want to become better versions of ourselves, then we need to spend more time with people who already have an abundance of the qualities we want in our own lives.

Since then, we’ve taken a couple of major steps in this direction:

1. We started this site.

Although we do have some experience to share from, we are far from “experts.” We didn’t start this site to dole out advice, but rather to start a conversation with people we admire and want to be more like.

We hope to build a community of family-minded entrepreneurs that can learn from each other. So far, we’ve found you all to be a huge source of inspiration, and are looking forward to ramping things up a bit in the next few months.

2. I joined a business “mastermind” group.

This particular group came with a big (for us, at least) price-tag, but my theory was that it would only attract others that were serious about their future, their businesses, and would want the same things I want out of life.

I have great admiration for people that have the determination, courage, vision, and at least a pinch of the “crazy” that seems necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. I expected to find a greater concentration of these folks in this group.

Our little group just had its first official get-together in Nashville, and I had a major breakthrough in my life and thinking related to my work-family balance. That alone was worth the price of admission and I’ll share the details with you in the next couple of weeks.

Although I’m attending this particular mastermind without Steph, she is already a part of a couple of groups that encourage and challenge her in similar ways. In fact, it was by seeing her grow through these relationships that I was inspired to find a similar group myself.


It’s only been 6 months since we decided to make a concerted effort to build more strategic relationships, but we’re already seeing fruit in the way we think and the direction we’re going as family.

So my question for you is, “Who are you spending your time with?”

Are you seeking out relationships that are comfortable, or ones that challenge you to become a better version of yourself? In what ways are you seeking out those relationships?

I’d love to hear your thoughts so that we can continue to inspire and challenge each other.

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