Podcast #8: What you need to know about working and traveling (with kids)

It was a bit longer than usual in coming, but the newest podcast is up and ready!

In this episode, Ryan and I talk together about what it looks like to work while we travel. People frequently misunderstand our trips to be “vacation”, but that’s really not accurate – rather, learning to run our businesses from the road helps us to overcome the barrier of having to save up or wait to take a vacation.

Instead, we are blessed with the opportunity to do regular, daily life (cooking and cleaning, homeschooling and raising our kids, working, etc.) from all sorts of amazing locations.

We get the best of both worlds. A unique, fascinating cultural experience that grows and benefits both us and our kids, while keeping up with the work we love to do (and that keeps food on the table).

But working from abroad, while you’re moving around, in developing countries, and especially when you have young children, can be a genuine challenge at times. We get real about the things that are hard, mistakes we’ve made, lessons we’ve learned, and our best tips for other families who want to give it a go.

Thanks for joining us! It’s a bit of a longer listen than usual (either we had a lot to say on this topic, or we really missed you all since we skipped an episode…), but we hope you enjoy it anyways. And the top photo on this post? Taken from our current rental home here in Cadenet, France. We love it here. Swoon.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why traveling with our children is so important to us — especially as homeschooling parents.
  • The big differences between working while traveling and a vacation.
  • Why errands in a new country can take 4 hours.
  • How we’ve divided our time into blocks so we can both get in focused work time, while still being there for our kids and making time for adventures together.
  • All about Ryan’s “working at home uniform.” (Hint: It involves noise-cancelling headphones and a hoodie.)
  • The HUGE importance of good internet, and how to ensure you really have it while traveling.
  • Why we spent so much time during our one-year trip at a McDonald’s in Spain, eating bad salads.
  • The value of planning your trip around your work projects.
  • How traveling with kids is not just enjoyable (usually!), but how in many countries it can open doors and help locals to see you as real people, rather than just tourists.
  • What we’ve learned about website security (aka, don’t get hacked like we did), and the tools we use now to keep our businesses safe.
  • The importance of building a good team before you leave home — and empowering them to do their jobs without micromanaging.
  • That travel while working isn’t just for web-based entrepreneurs.

Resources from this podcast:

Know Roaming — A sticker we’ve used that goes over your SIM card and helps you get great usage rates around the world.

Europcar — We were able to rent a mobile modem through Europcar that we could use in the car, in hotel rooms, coffee shops and restaurants. It gave us great, high speed Internet very affordably.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss

The IP Cloaker that Ryan mentions.

As well as our ever-growing page of resources.


“We live in an unprecedented time and these opportunities for us to work and travel are amazing. I feel very blessed that we can do this.” Stephanie Langford

Go ahead and listen by clicking on the play button right here at the top of the post.

Or, listen directly through iTunes or Stitcher!

Thanks for joining us for today’s podcast!

What questions can we answer for you about working and traveling with children?

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EntreFamily Podcast #7 - Taking big risks to align your lifestyle with your values - with Mark and Leigh Ann Dutton

Podcast #7: Taking big risks to align your lifestyle with your values – with Mark and Leigh Ann Dutton

Would you move your family across the country or quit your job, when you didn’t even have anything lined up yet? Well, that’s exactly what today’s guests did.

When Mark and Leigh Ann Dutton realized the way they were living their life didn’t match up with their core values and what they wanted for their young, growing family, they opted for radical change, rather than get stuck or further entrenched in a lifestyle that really wasn’t what they wanted.

They’ll take you through their story, to the various places its taken them over the years, and the different ways that each spouse has handled changes, work, risk and all the things that go along with pursuing their dreams.

We’ll talk marriage and kids and priorities and travel and learning and especially the freedom that goes with being an EntreFamily. It’s an inspiring talk, so let’s jump right in!

{And on a side note, you’ll hear a cameo appearance from our oldest daughter, Abby. I’ve been under the weather with this cold-that-will-never-end and my voice wasn’t sounding so hot, so we thought it would be a fun chance to bring her in on the show.}

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Podcast #6: Planning to achieve your goals in 2015 and dreaming big dreams

What are your dreams for this coming year?

As we approach 2015 (tomorrow — can you believe it?!), Ryan and I have been steadily working to assess this past year, and set goals and direction for the new year.

Like most spouses, I would imagine, we tend to approach it differently.

Ryan is the BIG dreamer, the writer of impossible things on massive white boards, the one who conjures up grand schemes out loud before slowing down to figure out whether it’s actually feasible or even something he really wants to do. I tend to be the opposite. I dream more quietly, more slowly, more conservatively. While I do usually set ambitious goals and aim high in the things I do, it takes me longer to process it all and I usually have a more focused idea by the time I begin to communicate it.

Sometimes I struggle not to squash Ryan’s dreaming process, and he encourages me to be a bit (or a lot) freer with my own.

It makes us a good team, I think, and we both know that having a direction and a plan for where we want to go is crucial if we’re going to stay on target and actually move towards the grand goals we dream up. In today’s podcast episode, we give you an inside look at our own ways of both dreaming, and then planning to accomplish those dreams, as well as discuss the idea of personal retreats and a little about our time and goal management tools of choice. 

So grab a mug of something warm, or crank up the volume real loud in that minivan, and let’s talk about dreaming big dreams and how to achieve them!

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EntreFamily Podcast #5 - Building a team and the relationships that matter - with Erik and Julie Feikert

Podcast # 5: Building a team and the relationships that matter — with Erik and Julie Feikert

Building a business is some seriously hard work, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re either lying or have clearly never done it.

Julie and Erik Feikert, our guests on today’s podcast, don’t pull any punches. They’ll tell you straight up that starting and growing their family’s business, Cultures for Health, has not been without its challenges, nor has it come easily.

cultures1 -- logo

Putting in long days and weeks (and realistically, years) while raising a young family, making the scary decision to quit an excellent corporate job, hiring and training up a large team of employees (some that work out; others that don’t), and working to find creative ways to market their products and grow their customer base. It can be nothing short of exhausting at times, but they’ve walked this road and now have a successful business to show for it.

As always, Ryan and I LOVE to connect with other entrepreneurs. There’s something so inspiring and exhilarating about it, and this conversation was no exception.

We trust you’ll come away feeling the same way, so let’s jump right into our conversation with them!

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Podcast #4: The one where we tell you all the times we’ve failed in business

It’s not every day we record a podcast about our failures (or record said podcast while one of us is in Mexico and the other up in chilly Canada).

But in our very first husband-and-wife podcast, where we shared our entrepreneurial journey with you, we promised that we would get vulnerable and tell you all about our failures. And so we did.

If you’ve ever looked at what you think is a successful entrepreneur and felt that they had it all together, or that you didn’t measure up, or that they possess magical abilities and intuition that you’re lacking, think again.

All entrepreneurs experience failure. It’s inevitable.

The best part is, it’s not a bad thing.

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