Your Weekly Brew

Cheerio from England! (OK, does anybody actually say that, for real? I guess we’re about to find out!)

Technically, I’m still writing this on Canadian soil, but you’ll read it the first day we arrive in England, bleary-eyed and jet-lagged from our red eye flight across the Atlantic. Nonetheless, we’re thrilled to be on our way!

I’ve got a lot of good reads, a couple listens, and a really helpful post you’ll want to use to check the vulnerability of your site, so let’s jump right in to this week’s brew…


How your subject line could be killing your emails @ Amy Porterfield

This was Ryan’s recommendation, and for anyone that uses email marketing on a regular basis, you know how frustrating it can be to spend time writing a great email that you think will convert well, only to find that it had a low open rate. The post in this link gives some specific examples of how to write a better subject line, and I assume the podcast really digs deep and expands on these five strategies.

The Million Dollar Potato Peeler Sales Pitch @ Copy Chief

Ryan and I watched this together last week and I have to admit, this older gentleman doing a potato peeler pitch on the streets of New York has got a pretty slick presentation. In fact, by the end of it, I wanted one of those potato peelers! Copy Chief breaks it down and shows us all of the effective techniques that he uses in his million-dollar pitch (because apparently he’s made over a million dollars in sales with these things!).

One Old-Tech Secret for High Achievers @ Michael Hyatt

In my personal experience, he is right on target with this post where he suggests that in order to really learn and benefit most from something you’re learning, listening to, etc. you need to write notes (and from what he’s saying, research backs this up as well)

And a few travel/nomadic family reads…

Tsh’s worldschool day-in-the-life @ Simple Homeschool

Our friend Tsh shares how she and husband Kyle are “worldschooling” their kids as they trek around on a global adventure this year, similar to what we did two years ago.

Home is where you park it @ Adriel Booker

An Aussie family shares the inspiring reasons why they’ve taken to living in their camper for a season. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, from one nomadic family to another, and it seemed relevant for so many of our readers, as I know that many of you have either done something like this or have plans to one day.


Donald Miller Helps Entrepreneurs Live a Better Story @ Entrepreneur on Fire

One of the best podcasts I’ve heard in a while. I’m a big fan of the direction Donald Miller has been going the past couple of years. I’d recently heard a few good things about, his newest endeavor, which helps businesses learn to improve their marketing through story. He goes into that concept a lot in the podcast and a lot of it as pure gold. I’m actually planning to re-listen to this one, it was that good.


Are you using these vulnerable plugins? (from the ever-helpful Useletter by Amy Lynn Andrews)

This is something I’ve just been learning about recently, as we experienced un-wanted ads popping up on one of our sites, which we confirmed were not coming from any of our ad networks, but actually seem to be through a plugin we use on our WordPress install (and no, I haven’t managed to figure out which one yet). This is new to me, and I admit, I had no clue that plugins were being hacked like this.

Amy shares this very helpful post listing popular WordPress plugins that may currently be vulnerable (such as Contact Form 7, Woo Commerce, or WordPress SEO by Yoast, to name a few). To check whether any of your plugins are affected, in your Dashboard, go to Plugins, then see which Installed Plugins you have and compare the current version number you have (ie. 5.1.3 or 1.61) with the plugin in the post.

What caught your attention this week?

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Your Weekly Brew (Travel Edition)

Seeing as we fly out in 6 1/2 days (!!!!), I’ve got travel on the brain. I haven’t been spending my time scouting out great reads and listens for entrepreneurs, but rather trying to get this family of mine organized and ready to fly across the big pond!

This trip has been much easier to prepare for than our last, mostly because I actually know what I’m doing. I have a pretty good idea of how and what I want to pack, what tools I need for researching and planning, the gear we like to use, and all that good stuff that was more of a learning curve the first time around.

On that note, today I wanted to share with you a few favorite pieces of gear, and the planning tools I go to most frequently.

As well, next Wednesday’s podcast will be Ryan and I talking about our trip preparation process: who does what, how long it takes us, what we take into consideration, how we get our businesses ready, the myriad things on our to-do list, and why it’s still worth all of the stress, so join us then!

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Your Weekly Brew

Another busy week around the Langford house, as we reach the two-week countdown to leaving!

More than anything, we (and especially Ryan) are focused on getting the Ultimate DIY Bundle officially launched in less than a week (you can’t see the sales page quite yet, but you can see our pre-sales promotions and hey, sign up for a little help jump-starting your own creativity this year!).

Next week I’ll share some of our favorite travel resources, but for this week, it’s just business as usual. Here are a few gems I found on the web this week:

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Your Weekly Brew

Now that we’re down to 3 weeks before leaving on our next Big (well, small in comparison) Trip, I’ve started adding more posts to the EntreFamily Travels portion of the site.

Last week I started a new series I’ll be working on gradually, called Smart Family Travel, a guide to saving money on all the various parts of travel (flights, trains, accommodations, sight seeing, food, etc.) but with tips to make it all work specifically for families (even larger ones like ours).

I also wrote a little about our upcoming trip and how preparations are going. Right now, we’re in that insanely hectic, is-this-really-worth-it phase of getting ready to go (not to mention anticipating our next Ultimate Bundles launch in just two weeks- yikes!). It’s crazy town around our house. But we know it will all be worth it (or at least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves right now…)

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Your Weekly Brew

This week I’m here, but not really.

You see, I’m taking some time offline, away from my typical schedule (and even away from my family) to focus in on some evaluation, planning for next year, and intensive work that is difficult to do during my regular routine.

Though you may not feel the need (or, have the ability) to take some time away, this is still the perfect time of year to intentionally:

  • do an honest review and assessment of your past year
  • evaluate your previous/current goals and where you’re at with them
  • create new goals and action steps for moving towards them
  • step back and do some in depth planning for the coming New Year, both in your business and personal life

I’ve put together some resources that either Ryan or I are using this year (or have used in the past), as well as a few articles, videos, etc. that are related to this time of reflection and purposefulness.

Happy planning and goal setting!

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