Podcast #16: Loving your business and your spouse (with Antony and Emily Bartlett)

Every once in a while, you meet other entrepreneurs with whom you just click.

That’s how it was when we met Emily and Antony Bartlett at a blogging mastermind retreat last fall. Together with five other EntreFamilies (and a whopping total of 24 kids), we all got vulnerable about what we’re currently working on in our businesses, what excites us, where we’re stuck, what we’re loving, and what we could use help with.

It was a pretty phenomenal time, and getting to know this amazing couple was definitely a highlight. Like us, they primarily work together on a shared business (though Emily does have a couple other irons in the fire).

Like us, they live this truly unconventional, sometimes exhausting, often exhilarating, quirky entrepreneurial lifestyle. And like us, they love it.

In fact, that was one of my favorite take-aways from this podcast… their genuine joy in how they run their business together, and how much of a passion project that business is.

For all the people who tell us “Oh, I could never work with my spouse“, can I just say how refreshing it was to talk to a couple who has differences in working styles, and don’t always see eye to eye on everything, but at the end of the day can say they love what they do together?

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You’re going to walk away inspired, both from their enthusiasm coupled with their honesty, along with wise insights into what makes it all work so well for them.

So grab those running shoes, that basket of laundry, or get the kids in the minivan, because the EntreFamily podcast is back. Oh yes, it is. Enjoy.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Emily and Antony balance three (count ’em — three!) businesses.
  • About learning to determine roles and strengths as a couple working together 24/7.
  • The details of their “date mornings” — Lycra, breakfast and business talk!
  • How Antony is overcoming FOMO. <— Do you know about FOMO?
  • How it was hard to just jump. (But how and why they did it anyway.)
  • “About growing to the size of your fishbowl,” and how scary it can be to try to make entreincomes work.
  • That they listened to their customers along the way, and how fine-tuning helped build their business.
  • How they shipped first and responded after: “You don’t know what perfect is until you’re actually driving the train.” ~ Emily
  • That being exclusionary doesn’t help anyone.
  • Chilling by cleaning the basement? What?! Or maybe traveling! 🙂

Resources from this podcast:

The Weston A. Price Foundation

Non-Nom Paleo

That quote: When the student is ready, the master appears. ~Buddhist Proverb

And another one:

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” ~ Henry Ford

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As well as our ever-growing page of resources.

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Find Emily and Antony

Holistic Squid — Emily’s website

Real Plans — Antony and Emily’s meal planning service


Emily’s acupuncture business

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“Isn’t the key that business is not a burden? That’s the whole point. This is just a fun thing. Real Plans is our love-child … We have this thing that we have in common which is very interesting and there’s always new aspects to talk about … and that actually forms the basis of who we are.” ~ Antony Bartlett

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Thanks for joining us for today’s podcast!

Are you balancing multiple businesses? How have you defined your roles in each?

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