Podcast # 18: 10 Tips for Working With Your Spouse (and Not Driving Each Other Insane)

Turns out we’re older than we think. When we got married 12 and a half years ago, it was right before digital photos became the norm.

As a result, part of my Christmas gift for Ryan this year involved spending hours digging through four albums worth of 4×6 prints of our wedding photos so I could scan them (300 photos… one at a time) and turn them into JPG files to create a proper album.

An awful lot has changed since this fresh-faced, innocent couple walked into their garden reception as newlyweds, but a lot of things have stayed the same, including the fact that we love to be together and work as a team.

Although we frequently get comments to the effect of “How on earth do you work with your spouse? I’d go crazy!!!“, the simple fact of the matter is that we do and not only is it possible, but most of the time, we love it.

In today’s podcast, we share 10 keys for working with your spouse that we’ve learned over the past 6+ years of collaborating on multiple businesses. We know that working together isn’t for every married couple, but it’s also been an incredibly rewarding journey for us and one that we would gladly recommend to others.

And hopefully these tips will add a little more joy and a lot less crazy to your working relationship. So grab your spouse and give it a listen.

10 Key to Working With Your Spouse (and Not Driving Each Other Insane): We're constantly asked "How on earth do you work with your spouse?", and the simple fact of the matter is that we do and most of the time, we really do love it.

In this episode you’ll hear our 10 tips for working with your spouse, including:

  • Being different isn’t a bad thing! (And we are definitely different.)
  • Why you need to have a life together, outside of work.
  • The critical thing you need to do when your spouse makes a mistake.
  • How to figure out your roles and navigate things if those roles need to change.
  • Ways to build systems for communication (and let the other person know when it isn’t a great moment to communicate!)
  • The importance of valuing each other’s strengths, and seeing those strengths, even in the bumpy spots.
  • Why you need to decide who decides. (In advance!)
  • How to leave work at work, even when you work at home.
  • About arguing lovingly, but passionately.
  • The value of saying YES to the big things, and the small ones.

Resources from this podcast:


“It’s about our strengths … It’s not about one person being in charge of the other, it’s about let’s both do what we’re good at.” – Stephanie Langford

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Do you work with your spouse? What tips would you share for making it work? Please leave us a comments or message via SpeakPipe below!

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