Podcast # 5: Building a team and the relationships that matter — with Erik and Julie Feikert

Building a business is some seriously hard work, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re either lying or have clearly never done it.

Julie and Erik Feikert, our guests on today’s podcast, don’t pull any punches. They’ll tell you straight up that starting and growing their family’s business, Cultures for Health, has not been without its challenges, nor has it come easily.

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Putting in long days and weeks (and realistically, years) while raising a young family, making the scary decision to quit an excellent corporate job, hiring and training up a large team of employees (some that work out; others that don’t), and working to find creative ways to market their products and grow their customer base. It can be nothing short of exhausting at times, but they’ve walked this road and now have a successful business to show for it.

As always, Ryan and I LOVE to connect with other entrepreneurs. There’s something so inspiring and exhilarating about it, and this conversation was no exception.

We trust you’ll come away feeling the same way, so let’s jump right into our conversation with them!


Inside their warehouse

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why it’s so scary to leave a corporate job, even if the numbers make sense.
  • What it’s like going from running a family company to adding team members, and how that can fundamentally change your business.
  • Why finding people you trust is so important and how it makes delegating so much easier.
  • How to hire people who complement what you do and avoid just duplicating yourself, even though you might really like people just like you.
  • Why working together isn’t necessarily the “Holy Grail” of marriage — confronting the myth that if you just love each other enough, that working together will be easy.
  • Why Julie says that nurturing relationships, from your marriage, to your relationship with your children, to how you communicate with suppliers and bloggers is so crucial.
  • Why as a working parent, you need to learn to love your crockpot and make a few compromises.
  • How Cultures for Health established relationships with bloggers that helped the business to take off, and why their grassroots marketing was so successful.
  • How looking for ways to help others win and actively putting together opportunities for partners can benefit your business.
  • Why as an entrepreneur you should always have a few balls in the air.


Where to find Julie and Eric Feickert:

Cultures for Health — their website






“Being able to start your own business feeds your family, and you can create jobs in your community — it’s such important work and I just really want to encourage you, if you have an idea, try it, do it — take a risk.” Julie Feickert


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Thanks again to Erik and Julie for joining us on today’s podcast!

All images are courtesy of Cultures for Health.

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