Podcast # 15: The transition from job to full-time entrepreneurs – how one family did it (with Kris & Katie Kimball)

For many of our listeners, the question isn’t “how do we make our entrepreneurial family schedule work?”, but rather it’s “how do we take the leap and get to that place of being a full-time EntreFamily?

Today’s podcast guests know full well the amount of hard work, planning, preparation and guts that it takes to make the transition from relying on a job to going it all on your own.

I specifically wanted to catch up with Kris and Katie now, rather than 6 months or a year from now, when they’ve figured things out a little better and the uncertainty of those early months have faded in their minds. I wanted to hear from them while they’re still in the trenches, just figuring it out, and while it’s all still new and fresh and challenging and exciting at the same time.

That’s exactly what we got. They’re less than 6 months in to their journey since Kris quit his full-time gig and they decided to really make a go of this. They were honest and real about what it’s looked like for them – the good as well as the hard.

I think it will be particularly helpful to those of you just considering making the change or walking through those early months of it yourself, so let’s jump in to our conversation with Kris and Katie Kimball!

  Kimballs at Easter

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • All about Katie and Kris’s recent leap to becoming a full-time EntreFamily!
  • How, through working together on Katie’s blog Kitchen Stewardship, another business was born.
  • That Katie and Kris are “risk-averse” people, and what steps they took before making the decision for Kris to leave his full-time corporate job.
  • What their week looks like as two working-from-home parents; how they utilize help; and tools they have created to help their kids understand their roles.
  • Why and how they still make time for dinner dates and why it’s a non-negotiable.
  • The ways that working together has changed their communication, and how they communicate about their work, from quick “stand-up meetings,” to longer meetings when they have childcare available.
  • A little about their struggles, and the never-ending search for balance.
  • Why cleaning bathrooms is a perk. Sort of.
  • How they enjoy the flexibility of this new life and count it as a win.
  • How their four kids have reacted to the change, and what they do to make sure each of them is getting one-on-one time.


Resources from this podcast:

Scrum — the book/time management method that Kris and Ryan touch on.

Todoist — the app that Katie and Kris use for making shared task lists

Tell Your Time — a book by Amy Lynn Andrews that outlines the idea of dividing your day into time blocks

As well as our ever-growing page of resources.

mom and dad and Gabe

Find Katie and Kris

Kitchen Stewardship — Katie’s blog

The Blog Fixer — Kris’s new business, which is currently in beta testing and will help bloggers to update and optimize their old posts

Kitchen Stewardship on Twitter

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Kitchen Stewardship on Pinterest



“I think appreciating and enjoying what we have together is my win – we’re intentionally taking time to go on dates with our kids … and we make it a real point to look at each other and say ‘perk’ when we’re doing something that we would not be able to do had Kris been working a full-time job.” ~ Katie Kimball

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Thanks for joining us for today’s podcast!

What are your favorite ‘perks’ that come with this entrepreneurial life?

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