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If you’re anything like us, you’re a dreamer, a doer, and a risk taker. You’re audacious, intentional, hard working, and just a little bit irreverent.

We created this podcast so that family-minded entrepreneurs could come together to build a business AND family life they love. Welcome to our community of truly unconventional and truly exceptional families.


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Podcast #3: When work and life blur together and around-the-world with 3 kids – with Tsh and Kyle Oxenreider

Sometimes we begin to feel like our family lifestyle is just a bit too off-the-wall and that there aren’t other families out there like us… and then we talk to our good friends Tsh and Kyle and breathe a sigh of relief.

Juggling homeschooling and domestic duties while running businesses, trying to communicate and coordinate things between spouses to keep life flowing smoothly, and you know, packing up our kids and trekking around the globe for a year visiting multiple continents and a whole lot of different countries.

What’s that you say? We are strange? Well, at least we’re in good company.

As full time entrepreneurs, the Oxenreiders are working together to keep their business growing and providing for their family, while educating their three young kids, as well as being global adventurers. They’re currently on month three of a 9 or 10 month round-the-world journey, have previously lived overseas, and consider family travel something they’ll always make a priority.

Although Tsh and Kyle have a lot of business wisdom to offer to entrepreneurs, in this podcast we focused on how they do the daily dance of making it all work together in their busy but intentional lifestyle, as well as talking about their journey of a lifetime, so listen (and read) on!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Tsh and Kyle’s basic daily/weekly schedule and how they make time to both work, homeschool their kids, and still make sure dinner ends up on the table.
  • How their blog went from being a financial side gig to the main attraction.
  • How they split business roles and duties up between them and why it works for them.
  • The things that trip them up in their schedule and work balance – communication, domestic duties, etc. (sound familiar?)
  • Why they would compare their daily life to a bowl of soup.
  • The round-the-world trip they’re currently on with their 3 kids, their travel route, and why they’re diving into the deep end first.
  • How they’re preparing to run their businesses while on the road (and not counting on decent internet).

Screenshot 2014-11-19 13.14.47

Where to find Kyle and Tsh:

The Art of Simple  – Their flagship site

The Art of Simple Travel  – Chronicling their round-the-world journey (their 9 year old daughter, Tatum, even writes occasionally)

Twitter – Use hashtag #WorldwideOx to keep up with their travel adventures.


Instagram  (again #WorldwideOx)

Screenshot 2014-11-19 13.15.56

Books that Tsh has written:

Notes From a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World

Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living

One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler (eBook only)

Not to mention, on their own Art of Simple Podcast, Tsh and I talked together about a month ago (while they were in Thailand) about how things have been going so far. Listen to that podcast HERE.

Screenshot 2014-11-19 13.13.48

Quote I loved:

“In some ways, it’s kind of hard to compartmentalize different parts of our lives — you know, like business, family and everything in between — because it all ebbs and flows together. It’s more like a soup than… I don’t know…” “One of those divided trays you get at a cafeteria.”

Tsh Oxenreider, and then Kyle Oxenreider summing it up for the win.

Talk about life blurring together... celebrating a new year of school at the Great Wall of China!

Talk about life blurring together… celebrating a new year of school at the Great Wall of China!

Go ahead and listen by clicking on the play button at the top of the post.

Or, use your favorite podcast app to join us!

Thanks again to Tsh and Kyle for joining us on today’s podcast!

All images from the Oxenreider’s Instagram account.

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