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We’re Ryan and Stephanie. Homeschooling parents of five. Married for 13 years. Business partners. Entrepreneurs with three businesses that keep us on our toes.

Choosing this unconventional lifestyle has been one of the most rewarding decisions of our lives.

It’s also been one of the hardest.

Like many entrepreneurs, we struggled with taking the leap from a secure job to the financial risk of working for ourselves and the fear of not knowing when or where our next “paycheck” would come from.

We know all about having more ideas and to-do items than we have time for, the need to work smarter not harder, experimenting to find cost-effective ways to market and build up our businesses, and maintaining the energy and motivation to get up every morning and do it all again.

We also know that when you have a family, it’s a different beast altogether.

Can we make enough money to put food on the table, pay for piano lessons, and keep up with childhood growth spurts? When do you call it quits for the day when there’s always one more thing that needs to be done?

How do you balance building your business with having a vibrant, intentional home life? How do you add homeschooling, house and yard work, balancing the budget, and even having a social life to the mix?

I wish we could tell you we’ve solved all of these problems and now have a 5-point system for you to follow. We haven’t.

No one can tell you exactly what the entrepreneurial lifestyle should look like. Part of the point is that this is your dream, your unique path. Your family’s incredible, uncommon, daring life.

But as we’ve been on this journey the past six years (read Our Story here), we’ve been learning more and more about how to make it work for us. We’ve seen our businesses grow to the point where we can support our family, both work from home, and take turns homeschooling and being with our amazing kids.

We’ve even been able to take off and travel while working, a dream that was only realized because we stepped outside of what society says we “should” do and dared to choose a different path.

We didn’t want to live a life based on shoulds. Or impossibilities. Or limitations. 

EntreFamily is a place for unconventional families like ours, and like yours. Ones that aren’t content with the status quo. Ones with big dreams, a willingness to hustle hard, a spark of rebellion in their soul, a deep desire to live an extraordinary life.

We aren’t gurus. Far from it.

Our floors are often sticky, we get behind on homeschool, we stay up too late, wake up too early, get overwhelmed by our emails, disagree about business decisions, and have the odd month where the usual streams of income turn into trickles and we momentarily panic.

We’re about as normal as they come, and we won’t hide our flaws or failures, even though we’ll also share the things that have worked well for us.

A site like this is nothing if we won’t be vulnerable and honest about the ups and downs of being entrepreneurs while raising a family. Hold us to it, ok?

Not only that, but we want to keep this blog focused on the real stuff that makes up our lives as both parents and entrepreneurs.

We care about the things you care about:

  • finding time for everything as we balance work and family life
  • working productively and efficiently in the midst of a busy schedule
  • taking the leap to pursue our dreams, and start innovative, useful businesses that use our skills and passions, meet our customers needs, and yes, will actually pay the bills
  • designing an unconventional lifestyle that includes travel and living abroad, home educating our kids, sharing work between spouses, and anything else we come up with that suits our fancy.
  • including and involving our kids in what we do, instead of ignoring them

We asked our readers, real people just like you, what they needed most and this is what they said…

 “How do you go about balancing work and home life, when the separation between them is extremely blurry?”

“The fear of getting started and not being able to support our growing family.”

“We need support and a community to turn to for help, tips, encouragement, etc. Being entrepreneurs can be a lonely road — our friends and family often don’t get it!”

“Where do we start? We’re just overwhelmed!”

“Working smarter and not harder. It seems as if we never get one whole day off from work.”

“How to get my husband out of the rat race so we can afford to start his business.”

“Are we crazy for trying to jump into a business with 3 kids?”

Sound familiar? We get these questions, fears, and needs. We nod our heads as we read this list. We’re right there with you. This is the stuff of everyday life as an entrepreneurs.

Hundreds of other families are joining us on this journey towards a rewarding, but uncommon, entrepreneurial lifestyle. Won’t you join us?

We know you’re busy. We like to keep it simple.

Here are three easy ways to dig in, learn more and be a part of this community of family-minded entrepreneurs:

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Thanks so much for joining us,
Stephanie and Ryan


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