Podcast #12: Six Things We Learned From Our Most Recent Product Launch

This photo of a spaceship launch caught my eye as I was preparing this podcast, because isn’t that how a business launch feels sometimes?

Such a tremendous amount of time, energy, hard work, passion, investment, sacrifice and emotion go into the preparations we make to launch something new with our business, whether it’s a product, an event, a storefront, a website, a new division of the company… and for all of your preparations, you sometimes wonder if that thing is really going to take off or if it’s all just going to crash and burn.

Though we’ve been doing large-scale product launches for several years now, we often feel the same way each time.

A week and a half ago, our team at Ultimate Bundles wrapped up yet another successful product launch, this time our 3rd annual Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

It was a tiring but excellent experience with so many take-aways for us to ponder (as always). So as we transition back into podcasting after a much-needed break (so that we could, well, launch our product), Ryan and I are excited to share with you some of the lessons we learned or realizations we had during this last big event!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • A little about how our business kept us from being able to talk about business for the past 6 weeks or so!
  • How we sold 13,500 units in our most recent 8-day sale and about the quick changes we had to make to make that happen.
  • Why the jury is still out on whether a longer sale is necessarily better than a shorter one.
  • A secret we cracked late one night that helped us to double our conversion rate in just a couple of hours.
  • About our amazing, brilliant team — Brandon Triola, Joy Miller, Wardeh Harmon and Derek Barber (these are just the ones who helped with the conversion issue in particular, but you can see our entire team here). We are so thankful for everyone’s hard work.
  • Some things we figuring out about team communication — searching for that sweet spot of not too much, but not too little either.
  • How we were reminded that we just really like working together — while working on separate coasts! (That’s a good thing, since we’ve kind of built our life around being together!)
  • How we learned again that the WHY in what we are doing is so important — because you can’t focus on everything.
  • About the importance of analytics and what a huge part they played in our most recent project.
  • Why stats were really valuable to us during this project.
  • That we really want to connect with you! We love hearing about your experiences!
And a screenshot to give you an idea of how simplified the top of our homepage was after our conversion realizations... of course, it shows the sale as being over now, but hopefully you get the basic idea.

A screenshot to give you an idea of how simplified the top of our homepage was after our conversion realizations… of course, it shows the sale as being over now, but hopefully you get the basic idea.

Resources from this podcast:

Ultimate Bundles — our business that provides high-value bundles of books, digital resources and products at very low prices for short periods of time.

Slack — a team communication tool intended to remove some of the cumbersome problems that can come along with email.

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland

As well as our ever-growing page of resources.


“That’s just an example of the value of measuring – you need to collect the data first, you can’t measure it unless you collect it, you can’t change it unless you measure it – and you can’t really grow unless you start changing things.” Ryan Langford

Go ahead and listen by clicking on the play button right here at the top of the post.

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Thanks for joining us for today’s podcast!

We’d love to hear when you’ve been learning lately from your business. Fill us in! We love hearing from you!

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