EntreFamily Podcast #13 - Embracing unconventional roles & making family time a priority with Lexie and Stephen McNeill

Podcast # 13: Embracing unconventional roles & making family a priority with Lexie and Stephen McNeill

Did you become an entrepreneur by accident?

That’s what happened to Lexie and Stephen McNeill. When they first got married and imagined life together, it certainly didn’t include them running two businesses from home, but that’s exactly what happened. And after a few years of living this lifestyle, they’re pretty sold on it.

That’s not to say that everyone around them naturally appreciated or accepted their changing family dynamics at first. As they embraced unconventional roles in their home and family, learning to really divide and conquer the work of making a home, raising a family and earning an income, they had to forge new ways of doing things (regardless of whether others understood their lifestyle choices or not).

Overall, it’s been a journey they’re happy to be on, and they share how they’ve learned to prioritize family time with each other and their girls, their keys to keeping their marriage strong, and lessons they’ve learned about comparing and being the best them they can be.

Join Ryan and I have as we have a conversation with Stephen and Lexie!


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Lexie and Stephen fell into being entrepreneurs, but how that helped them to grow their businesses organically
  • How they’ve tried marketing that didn’t work, and the lessons they learned because of it
  • That Lexie had to overcome a fear in order to discover their shop’s best seller
  • Why Etsy didn’t work for Lexie Naturals, and what they do instead
  • That Lexie and Stephen emphasize family time over doing markets and craft shows, and how that’s worked for them
  • A little about their schedule, sharing duties and swapping traditional roles, from laundry to lawn mowing
  • How “being unconventional” has led them to a collaborative approach as entrepreneurs and parents
  • Their secrets to making it work — faith and friendship
  • What they love and don’t love about being business owners
  • Lessons they’ve learned — from not comparing, to doing the best with what they have


Find Lexie and Stephen

Lexie: Naturals — their business website

The Lexie: Naturals blog




Stephen’s music


Their surprise most-popular product, Lexie: Naturals Deodorant!


“We’re kind of complete opposites in a lot of ways, but we really need each other and like each other … we work better together than we do separately.” ~ Stephen McNeill

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Thanks for joining us for today’s podcast!

How did you get into the entrepreneurial lifestyle? And have others struggled to understand your choices?

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