Entre Family Travels

54 weeks. 4 kids. 2 parents. 1 audacious dream.

Where we’ve been, where we’re going, and the number of buses we may (or may not) have slept on

I know, it’s been a while. A long while.

Though I sincerely love writing about our journey on this blog, this past 6-8 weeks has been particularly exhausting in a lot of ways.

Some things had to go so that I could continue to focus on my family and on enjoying our trip in the midst of my other responsibilities, and sadly, blogging here was one of those things.

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Do hard things

I’m coming to see an equation that is proving true time and again:

The harder something is = the more worthwhile it is

The other day, I took the kids on a boat to take a navigation of the Beagle Channel, the body of water that divides Tierra del Fuego, Argentina from Isla Navarino, Chile. Within these deep blue waters are a host of small, rock islands, several of which are home to marine wildlife.

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Our journey through “Salta The Beautiful”

For the last 3 weeks we have been living in Salta, a province in Argentina known to the nationals as “Salta La Linda” (Salta the Beautiful).   Although we have greatly enjoyed our stay in the city so far we’ve also been itching to explore the natural treasures and rural towns that this nickname refers to.

Last Wednesday we did just that, and took 5 days to visit surreal salt flats, ancient pre-hispanic ruins, small towns, rainbow-colored mountains, and some of the most beautiful naturally-created “sculptures” we’ve ever seen.

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Finding beauty and rest in Uruguay

**This post is long overdue, as we went to Uruguay over two weeks ago, but has taken me an extremely long time to put together due to our slow internet and my obsession with taking pictures in Uruguay. Hope you enjoy just a little bit of photographic eye candy. Did I mention how many pictures I left out???**

Branches sway peacefully in the breeze, their verdant green leaves, bolder in color than usual against the true blue of the cerulean sky.

The sun sank quickly into the Rio de la Plata, a glowing orange ember, that stretched out in streaks of coral and green-tinged clouds across the expanse as it made its final disappearance.

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Video Tour of Our Home in Salta, Argentina

At long last, here’s the video tour of our newest home…

We’ve been here for just over a week and a half, and I have to say that we are loving it here in Salta.

It’s large enough to be interesting and buy most of the things we need, but small enough to retain that small-town vibe. People are friendly and talkative, walking around town is enjoyable, and the mix of sunshine and thunderstorms (since it’s rainy season here) has been a refreshing change of pace from the intense sun and heat of the previous weeks.

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