Why running a business blog is hard… when you’re still running a business

You may have noticed a lack of posting and podcasts recently. We’ve keenly noticed it, too.

In fact, we’ve particularly missed both writing for and interacting with this community here at EntreFamily.

It’s something that Ryan and I have increasingly grown to enjoy and value, since it can be so hard to find a tribe of others that really, really get you. (Which we feel that our readers here really do. Get us, that is.)

Back when we were in the planning stages of the EntreFamily website, we talked a lot about who we were, who we hoped our audience would be, what we thought we could offer them, and what our message would focus on.

Over and over in those conversations, we landed on these two points:

  1. We’re not gurus, experts, or anything of the sort. We might be a few steps or years ahead of some of our readers (and probably behind some of them as well). But we always wanted to be in the trenches with you all. Running the same race. Still on the journey. And sharing it all with you as we go.
  2. That meant that we needed to stay actively involved in our own business pursuits, aside from this site. We never want to become those people that only want to teach from a pedestal, while not living this stuff out in our actual day to day.
During our very last week of three months of travel... here we are freezing our tails off at Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland.

During our very last week of three months of travel… here we are freezing our tails off at Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland.

Which leads me to our absence…

We’ve been working, y’all.

Really hard.

And as so many of you know intimately from your own experiences, the blood, sweat and tears that go into owning and running your own business, well… they can be exhausting to the core and completely consuming.

(Not to mention, trying to keep up with those businesses while finishing up our travels, of which the last two weeks were a total comedy of errors, despite having some incredibly special and epic moments).

So, we did what any responsible business owners have to do at times.

We made sacrifices and cuts in other areas of our lives to push through a busy but necessary season in the businesses that actually keep our family afloat (hint: they’re not this website – it’s still more of a much-loved passion project).

And as we begin to see the light at the end of a busy and tiring past month, we feel like we’ve learned and grown a lot as we ran yet another successful bundle at Ultimate Bundles.

In fact, some of our upcoming posts will probably share with you more of what we’ve learned from our product launch, marketing efforts, and working with our fantastic team.

The beautiful thing about being entrenched in this entrepreneurial world is that we never, ever stop learning and growing.

It’s a thrilling ride, most days, and once again, we’ve been delighted with the fact that we get to work together with our best friend and see in them more strengths and admirable traits than ever before.

We’ve both grown to notice and appreciate new facets of the other’s work “smarts” and skills, and that is an exciting thing, to keep discovering how awesome your business and life partner really is.

What happens next?

Well, we start posting again, I think!

I’m starting to gather resources again for our regular Weekly Brew, we’ll be back to planning and recording podcasts in the very near future, and we’re getting our family back into this schedule now that we’ve been home from our travels for two weeks.

It’s time for some routine and ritual again, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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In the meantime, we’d love to know what YOU have been up to lately!

Where have you been taking your business? What have you been learning? What success have you seen, or what challenge have you run into?

And thank you. For being a community that gets us. For sharing the kinds of dreams and passions that we share. For joining us here. We’re grateful.

P.S. This quote above? Makes me think of you all. Let’s keep building up and pushing each other on, shall we?

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