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I’m writing this far too late at night, on slow internet, wondering why I’m not in bed yet, but sometimes that’s a) life as an entrepreneur, b) with kids, and c) especially when you’re traveling.

We’re waving to you this weekend from Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy (in Umbria), wishing you could join us on the patio overlooking the lake for a glass of wine and some pasta.

one's destination

And though we’re tired from getting up at 5am, driving 2 1/2 hours, five train rides with tired kids, a couple sick members of our group, what felt like way too many bags to take on and off so many trains, missing our last train stop, and not being able to stop for a proper meal the entire day (it was just one of those days)… once we woke up this morning in our new location, with the sun shining on the rolling Umbrian hills, the ancient olive trees, and the lake shimmering from the deck of the stone farmhouse we’re renting, we were reminded again of why we travel.

Some travel days are long and hard and you wonder why you’re doing this at all (and we get it- there’s no sympathy coming our way, nor do we expect it – but we’re just being real that travel is not always as glamorous as it seems on Instagram).

But other days reward you with a glimpse of something so beautiful and serene and altogether different from your everyday lifestyle that it forces you to stop and take it all in with wide, wondrous eyes.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller


Why its okay to believe your way is the best way @ Life Your Way

If we’re being honest, we all tend to think that our way of doing things is the best way (including our choices regarding business and career, our children’s education, our family’s lifestyle, and much more). If we didn’t, why on earth would we do it that way, except for the fact that we have developed convictions that it’s the right way of doing something? But I love how she says this “it was precisely because I was comfortable with my decision that I can support your decision to do the opposite.” The article is written from the perspective of parenting, but I think the concept is applicable in general.

3 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate With Images @

Trying to improve the conversion rates for the products you’re selling online? Consider the images you’re using (or not using). They make a big difference.

Google, proving it still hasn’t figure out social, will strip Google+ for parts @

I’m sort of secretly (now not-so-secretly) relieved that Google+ is going the way of the Dodo bird, because goodness knows I didn’t need yet another social media platform to learn and be active on. I was definitely more of a Google+ fail, which I suppose is why I’m rather glad to see that we won’t be needing to worry about it. Was I the only one that wasn’t a fan?

6 Ways to Work Way Less and Still Be Productive @ Brazen Careerist

I appreciated this idea of dividing work into “Thoughtful” and “Mindless” work to help you decide how to use your work time more productiviely. It actually reminded me a lot of this post from Zen Habits that I shared a couple months back about “Fast mode” and “Slow mode” and how we can benefit from recognizing both and working within them appropriately.


Zig (the documentary)

Ryan’s note: I love this guy. He had a huge impact on my life as I was starting out in sales, and has continued to ever since. Zig was a straight-shooter, and had a knack for delivering the truth with enough humour to get it down. Zig passed away a couple of years ago, and the Ziglar Organization is putting together a documentary on his extraordinary life — check it out here on Kickstarter.



After mentioning the other week that I was using their free trial, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and try out the paid version of this email management tool. I found that during my trial, even though it was during a couple weeks when I was behind on email, my inbox was not getting cluttered up the same way as usual. I could quickly skim through and discard the unimportant emails that were going into my @SaneLater folder and what was left in my inbox was easier to address because I could see it all more clearly. If it can do that for me, it’s worth giving the full version a real shot, I’d say.

Free Design Content @ Creative Market

Each week new design elements are released for free. This week, for example, there is a classy looking typeface, monochrome crown patterns, a pack of 15 textures, and hand drawn rustic decorative elements, plus two others. The best part is that these don’t have that cheesy, stock design look. They’re actually cool. You’re welcome.

What have you seen with new eyes this week?

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