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Ryan and I have both been experiencing the challenge of working while traveling lately, and as much as we love being able to do both, it’s wearing and hard to keep up with at times.

What it reinforces for us is the power of routine, and how much we’ve both come to crave and rely on our routines to keep up with all that we do on a daily and weekly basis.

While we never regret our time spent traveling, it’s always good to realize (especially in these last few weeks as we prepare to head back home in April) that for all the wonder of these experiences we’ve been having here in Europe, our simpler, everyday lives back home also hold much beauty.

We’re going to keep soaking up where we are (currently: Split, Croatia, then on to Norway next week), but all the while cultivate an appreciation for the unspectacular, routine parts of our lives that matter so much more than we sometimes think they do.


The Apple Slice @ Design for Mankind

This isn’t the typical entrepreneurially-focused post I usually share (although it is written by an entrepreneur), but I keep being drawn back to it, so I’m sharing it anyways. It’s a beautiful, softly-written post that challenged me right where I need it. Maybe you need to read it, too.

The Futility of Always Pushing Myself to Be More @ Zen Habits

This sounds strangely familiar. Oh wait. Because Ryan and I both constantly struggle with this, as do most entrepreneurs I know. But it’s true, that there is a futility to it. Leo has some good words on the subject.

If You Think Short Copy Sells More, Think Again @ Huffington Post Business

I have a tendency to assume that this is true (short copy being better), even though Ryan assures me that it isn’t. I often want to make decisions based on what I personally prefer or simply on my intuition; he prefers to make decisions on solid facts (smart man). If you’re like me, you might want to read this article to challenge yourself, or if you’re like Ryan, maybe this will help to satisfy your desire to know what really works.

Why Haters Hate: Kierkegaard Explains the Psychology of Bullying and Online Trolling in 1847 @ Brain Pickings

Just last week in my post on blogging, I mentioned the inevitability of haters hating for those who do online work. It seems that Kierkegaard already understood this phenomenon 150 years ago. (Thanks, The Art of Simple)


Strengths Finder 2.0 & Strengths Based Leadership

Ryan was recently asked to do this as a part of a mastermind that he’s a member of, and although he and I both did it several years back, he’s found it much more impactful this time around. In his opinion, it’s a lot simpler than Meyers-Briggs and he loves the way it focuses on strengths (rather than on personality in general, or on weaknesses). He really appreciates the philosophy behind it, where the point is to learn the strengths of yourself and others around you (this is particularly helpful in a work team setting) and then use that information to both encourage them and ensure that the work they do (and you do) is especially tailored to those strengths.


Cyfe All-in-one-Dashboard

I’m very curious to give this a try. A friend linked to it in a mastermind group a few weeks back and the idea of collecting data from all of my different places to create a custom dashboard for my business is very appealing. Has anyone tried this before?

50+ Free Images, Fonts & Icons for your Blog and Social Media @ Fizzle Sparkline

Beyond being a fantastic source of the graphics you need for your site or social media (it’s really very extensive), there is also some useful information on understanding legal terms for images and how to use them appropriately, for anyone who feels like they’re not quite clear on it all.


7 times to listen to audiobooks @ Life Your Way

Traveling has really thrown off my usual podcast-listening routine, but I can’t wait to get back to it in 3 weeks. I also love the idea of getting in more reading by adding audiobooks to my daily or weekly routine, and Mandi gives 7 different times she fits them into her busy schedule as a work-at-home mom.

And on this note… I feel like I could use some fresh podcast inspiration for when we get back home in a few weeks. Which podcasts have you been loving lately?

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