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We’re in the final stretch of our trip… our very last week, and we’re currently in Iceland! It’s a phenomenally beautiful country from the little we’ve seen so far and we can’t wait to explore it more before we had back home.

So much has happened in our trip and it’s been hard to keep up this past month, but shortly we’ll be back to our regular posting and podcasting schedule, which we’re honestly really looking forward to. We promise, we’ll write about it all shortly, both here and on our travel blog.

One thing to note in this week’s brew is that today is the last day of The Bootstrap VA Final Edition Bundle (which is why I’m posting the brew one day earlier than usual). It’s specifically geared to those who do (or want to get into) working from home, specifically as a Virtual Assistant. There are more details for the bundle in the Use section below.


Hypergrowth @ Seth Godin

Wise words on the value of focus and how to keep what you do powerful, rather than diluting its effectiveness. I really appreciated the reminder of the “minimum viable audience” as well.

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

Ryan has been reading this book lately and keeps raving about how much he loves it every chance he gets. It’s been added to my must-read list of business books.

Propel Magazine @ Alli Worthington

It can be hard to find entrepreneurial inspiration specifically for (and from) women. I had somehow missed this online magazine started by the fantastic Alli Worthington about women who lead, with what looks like a great line up of articles. I think this might be airplane reading for me!


Podcast: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less @ Michael Hyatt

If you loved the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less (which Ryan and I both highly recommend), then you’ll really enjoy Michael Hyatt’s podcast interview with its author, Greg McKeown. I’ve never heard Greg speak before and it was great to hear him talk through some of the main concepts from the book.



The Bootstrap VA Final Edition Bundle Sale – last day!!!

I’m sorry to just be letting you know on the last day, but for those interested in working online from home, specifically in any sort of supportive Virtual Assistant type role, this is an excellent pack of resources.

The bundle includes the following digital resources:

The bundle includes well over $200 worth of resources for just $29.95, and it likely a worthwhile investment for those interested in any sort of VA work!

The Epic Love My Brand Kit @ By Regina

This free 32-page download is full of extremely helpful exercises and worksheets to guide you along the path to clarifying and improving your brand (be that your personal online brand/image, or your company’s brand).

What caught your attention this week?

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