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I don’t have quite as much for you this week as usual, but I figure you’ll all be out celebrating Mother’s Day and hopefully a gorgeous May weekend, so it’s all good, right?

I did want to mention, though, that this week we got back to this family/work schedule that we began during our time in France, and oh… it’s good. It really does work well for us.

I’m always so curious to hear about the ways that other entrepreneurial families organize their days and weeks. So much so that I made up this super-simple form to ask YOU what yours look like right now:

Tell us about your family’s schedule HERE

It’s short and sweet, I promise. Just a paragraph or two about the schedule itself, a thought on why it works well for you, and your name. Done.

Once I get a good amount, I’ll compile them into a blog post so that we can all learn from each other and get some fresh ideas for our own homes. Sound like fun? I think so!

On with the Brew…


How a 9 Year Old Girl Make 127K a Month on YouTube

This was a fun find passed on to us by a friend (thanks, Erin!), and our oldest daughter was enthralled by the business possibilities after reading this. She’s spent probably far too much time checking out Charli and Ashlee’s YouTube Channel, and seeing how the two sisters are making a killing through their adorable videos. If you want to inspire your kids to dream bigger entrepreneurial dreams, have them check this out!

How Entrepreneurs Can Succeed at Work Without Blowing Up Their Marriages @ Michael Hyatt

This was Ryan’s recommendation for the week and I think it’s a good one. I particularly like how he gave a list of ways that an entrepreneur can bless their spouse, and then also, how the spouse can bless the entrepreneur in their marriage. It certainly goes both ways. And if you’re both entrepreneurs like us? Then just take both lists to heart, because it’s all good stuff.


Audiobooks (not for you – for your kids this summer!)

As a homeschooler, and just a book lover in general, I’m a huge fan of having my kids engage with excellent literature. I actually highly value the practice of reading out loud, but I find that our busy schedule sometimes makes that a challenge. Recently, I’ve been falling head over heels for audiobooks for my kids, especially my 5 and 7 year old who aren’t ready to read many of the classics or more interesting books on their own (but my 10 year old adores listening as well).

51wrfbFE2GL._SL300_ For those days when it’s just too hot to be outside this summer, for long car drives, or just another worthwhile option to give them when they say “I’m bored!” (and especially when YOU need to get work done!), they are so worth it. Our 10 year old is currently eating up the Mysterious Benedict Society, the younger two are all over the Magic Treehouse Series, and all four kids were enthralled today with Henry Huggins (great recommendations, Anne!).

I signed up for an Audible account earlier in the winter, and I’m glad that I did. I got 3 months of really inexpensive credits, which I then put towards sets of books so that I could really maximize each credit. Buying books in collections or series is really the most cost-effective way to go, so I’ve been stocking up on those. They have a great deal right now where you basically get 2 free books (or credits – use them on collections!), which you can check out here.

The EntreFamily Podcast (because it’s BACK!)

Shameless plug, but did you notice that we’re back to podcasting? We missed it dearly the past 6 weeks or so, and are getting back on track now that life has calmed down a little. You can check out Episode 12, and hear about the six things we learned from our most recent product launch. I’m also busily scheduling interviews with other couples for upcoming shows, so watch for those in the coming weeks!


Quill Engage

I’m looking to try out this free service that a friend tipped me off to. It provides more easy-to-understand reports of what’s going on in your Google Analytics, helping to translate all the charts and statistics into something that you can really work with and take action on. Anybody else tried it yet?

What caught your attention this week?

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